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“A square peg in a round hole” evokes an image of a forced, impossible fit. When you feel like a square peg, you feel isolated and lonely like you don’t fit in. There is a lot of "forcing the fit" in our world today. Our educational systems, our medical systems and even our social systems try to force everyone to 'confine to the norm'. Many of us cope with this pressure fairly well; but some of us need extra help. At Square Peg Training & Development we believe that ...

Common sense is not so common and that the obvious is not so obvious.
Education is a right and a responsibility for everyone.
We also believe that people learn in different ways & we acknowledge their different needs.

Here at Square Peg Training & Development, we do things differently. We strive to look at the individual’s assets and strengths and use these to overcome any differences or difficulties. We acknowledge that all learners can learn and need support to a lesser or greater degree! Our learners, teens, adults and parents gain confidence in skills learned, gain motivation to achieve and acquire a sense of self worth ...

Sarah has helped me with Maths and English. When I used to do cycle tests I got 50% but when Sarah came to help me at school I got in the 80% - 90%.
I have improved with Maths and English since I started to see Sarah. She is a really kind person to be with and
funny too. Sarah is always
helpful to me, she does not
shout at you, she talks to
you. She has helped
me a lot.

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I always make reference to a very special boy who overcame all obstacles at school and is now a first class, grade 7 learner. When I initially started my work with him ...
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